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Tetons First Snow

Posted by on September 20, 2015

September 18th we woke up to a rainy day in the valley and  Snow in the Tetons!  The first snow of the season.  It cleared up in the afternoon so I got out to snap some pictures.  Since the storm the weather has been beautiful with cold mornings in the low to mid 30’s and low 70’s during the day.




The Moulton Barns are the most photographed barns in the world they say.  I can see why.  What a beautiful setting especially in the early morning.  They call this area Mormon Row.


John Moulton Homestead



Today, two picturesque barns highlight Mormon Row. Settlers John and Thomas Alma (T.A.) Moulton built these barns on adjacent homesteads. After nearly 30 years of working the land, John replaced his log home and barn with a new carpenter-constructed, pink stucco frame house and impressive, two-story barn north of Antelope Flats Road.


Thomas Alma Moulton Barn at Sunrise



South of John’s homestead, T. A. took over 30 years to build his gable-with-shed style barn.

T A Moulton Barn

T. A. Moulton Barn


Thomas Murphy Barn

Thomas Murphy Barn

Further to the north is the Thomas Murphy barn and Homestead built in the 1920s.


Jenny Lake Loop

Jenny Lake Loop



Saturday in Jackson there was A Quick Draw and A Hanging on the Square


Saturday at the Square in Jackson was the 20th Annual Quick Draw.  Now we are in the Wild West here in Jackson Wyoming but today in Jackson a Quick Draw is not a gunfight in front of the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and a Hanging is not what might first come to mind.   A Hanging is a Gallery Art Exhibition after the Auction and a Quick Draw is a gathering of Artists and Sculptors who participate in the Chambers Fundraiser by painting and sculpting from scratch a Masterpiece in 90 Minutes.   As a sculptor myself, the idea of standing in front of a crowd of 100’s of spectators along side many of my peers, creating something that hopefully will sell for thousands of dollars 2 hours later sounds like a recipe for an Anxiety Attack.  But after 20 years of this event bringing thousands of visitors to this little Wyoming town, it is definitely a huge success.  It is always the last weekend of the Fall Art Festival (which lasts 2 weeks)

Here are some of the artists and sculptors who participated.  And by the way their works sold for many thousands of dollars in the auction which followed immediately after the Quick Draw.


Quick Draw

Standing Room only at the Auction


We head south down the highway tomorrow for new territory.   Almost three weeks in the Jackson area and I am totally in love with this area.  The Landscape, The Wildlife, The Arts, The Food; it has all been a wonderful experience. I hope I will be back one day, but I’m also sure I will see more places in this country that I will enjoy just as much.   There really is so much to see and so little time……



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