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Still hunting for Moose and Elk

Posted by on September 17, 2015

We are back on the Wildlife hunt again.  The landscapes are beautiful and hanging out at the art galleries is inspirational but out in the very early morning is when the animals are out and about. So for the past few days, so have we.  So if you are interested in Moose, here are my latest discoveries.


Antlers in the Sagebrush

Moose hiding in the Sagebrush

"You Looking' At Me"

“You Looking’ At Me”





Moose in colored leaves

“Lookin’ for Love”






Early morning shadows

Early morning shadows


I think "She's" the one!

I think “She’s” the one!


I missed some great shots of this Elk. I had to run with camera and Lens in hand across the sagebrush from the road.   He was running along a fence and was unable to find a suitable place to cross.  He was out of breath, tongue hanging out and so was I.   It was all I could do to try and hold the camera with heave lens still enough to get any kind of picture.  Totally stupid of me not to drag the tripod along with me.  At least the shots would have been clear.  But it’s the best I got under the circumstances.  I had a perfect spot on a small hill above the fence.












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