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Elk, Bison and Bear Oh My

Posted by on August 30, 2015

Now that we are located in the Fishing Bridge area we have really been on a daily routine to get out early and stay out late. This has been pretty successful for viewing animals in the park. We are near the Hayden Valley which has been reported as a good location for seeing Bear and Wolf. We didn’t see anything except Elk and Bison there.


Our mornings started each day with a 5:00 alarm,  I don’t think I have seen quite so many Sunrises in a row as I have from Fishing Bridge as we depart for our daily search of wildlife.


wildfire devistation-4


Soda Butte in Lamar Valley

Soda Butte in Lamar Valley


Lamar Valley has been the best for Wolves the days we have been out there. Along the Yellowstone River North of Fishing Bridge and on the East Entrance Road all the way to Sylvan Lake have been best for Grizzly Bear, Bull Elk and Buck Deer.  Black Bear at the base of Mt. Washburn and just North of Le Hardy Cascades on the Yellowstone River,  and Pronghorn in the Tower/Roosevelt area.

Bison Calf eyeing the black wolf

Bison Calf eyeing the black wolf



We spent one whole week getting up at 5:00 AM and rarely returning to camp before 3pm each day.  Exhausting, but worth it for seeing some incredible sights; many of which I could not capture in a photograph.  There is a point when you just want to enjoy the moment and not try to second guess the lighting and F-Stops.  Below are a few of my favorite shots.


The Wolves in Lamar Valley were quite a ways away but easily seen with binoculars. There were approximately 5 adults and some pups, too hard to count how many of those.  Then one stray black wolf came off the hillside behind us, crossed the road and passed within 60 yards of us.  On his way across the stream he nearly crossed paths with a small herd of charging Bison and a lonely fisherman just below all this activity.  I could see the fisherman was focused on his passion of catching a nice trout and was oblivious of the activity just above him. Since my photo was not real clear, in all the excitement, I didn’t hold the camera still, or zoom in,  so I made a little diagram of the situation.

Bison Charging

Lamar Valley Wildlife vs the Fly Fisherman


With the Lens I was using the pack of wolves were too far away for a decent photo.

Young Pup Wolf sitting and observing the herd.

Young Pup Wolf sitting and observing the herd.



Grizzly in the Yellowstone River

Grizzly in the Yellowstone River



Grizzly out of the river 1

Grizzly just out of the River – I was sitting quietly in the Jeep


Black Bear

Black Bear on the Yellowstone River




Up a Tree

Grizzly Up a Tree

Wolf Face

Big Grizzly taken with 500mm lens



Bison and Geyser

Bison at Mud Volcano Geyser



Bison at Lamar Valley

Bison at Lamar Valley



Bison in Yellowston River

Crossing the Yellowstone



Buck spar 1


RUT is in the Air..


Buck spar 2

Young Bucks near Sylvan Lake



Bucks two

After spending some time testing out each others strength they both looked at me as if to say “What are you looking at”

One buck has velvet streaming down from his antlers and they were looking very red.

No more Velvet_



Pronghorn in Lamar Valley


Buck Deer Pelican Valley 2

Buck at Pelican Valley Trail Head, East Entrance Road




Elk from behind

Elk at Canyon Area


Elk walk



Coyote on the river

Coyote along the Yellowstone River before Sunrise


Not exactly wildlife but I have to included “Lily” somewhere in this blog.  At the overlook above Yellowstone lake south of Mary Bay.

Lily and the Lake



I took the following picture at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center, in West Yellowstone. They have several Grizzly bears that have been rescued either because they were injured or orphaned at a young age.


Grizzly wet
More visits to the Yellowstone Grand Canyon are next and then on to Grand Teton National Park.  My wish was to photograph Bear and Moose on this trip.  Moose Hunt is coming up when we get to the Teton area. I really can’t leave Wyoming without getting a nice picture of a MOOSE!




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