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Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Posted by on August 17, 2015

Presently we are camped at Bakers Hole, a popular Forest Service campground that is only 3 miles from West Yellowstone. Now we are closer to the park and we will begin our exploration. It seems the crowds in West Yellowstone have dimished considerably since our first trip here two weeks ago. YAY!

Today our focus was Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. We took several hikes but I think Uncle Tom’s Trail was the most impressive. With that said, the Overlooks on both the North and South Rim were amazing for those who aren’t interested in strenuous hike.

H. F. Richardson also known as Uncle Tom was from Bozeman Montana. He first completed his “trail” in 1898. After a cross of the river above the falls he would take visitors down rope ladders to the base of the falls. His tour included a picnic at the bottom and then the strenuous climb to the top. Imagine these people dressed like they were going to church and managing to make this hike down and back. Mr. Richardson would supply the ladies with pins to pin up their dresses historians report.

It was all I could do to get myself out of there climbing the metal stairs and several paved switchbacks.  Hiking at 8000 feet takes some energy  especially since I have been a slug all summer.  The trip down ended about 500 feet in the canyon.



Visitors in 1898 on Uncle Toms Trail - NPS photo

Visitors in 1898 on Uncle Toms Trail – NPS photo




View from Uncle Toms Trail

View from Uncle Toms Trail



Lower Falls from Uncle Tom's Trail

Lower Falls

The hike out was notably much slower and harder than going in. I counted 328 stair steps!

NPS Photo

NPS Photo


On the right side, top of the falls, you can barely see visitors on a viewpoint exactly on top of the falls.  We will take this hike another day. It’s called “Brink of Upper Falls”


View from Lookout Point

View from Lookout Point



Closeup of Raven flying near the falls

Closeup of Raven flying near the falls


On the walk to Lookout Point we spotted two ospreys flying just above a tall pinnacle and on top was a nest with a chick still in the nest but looked like she could fly any day.  It was quite a ways from the trail and I didn’t have my big lens with me so these photos are not very clear.

Osprey in the nest


osprey on the nest

Moral of this situation is never leave camp without ALL your lenses!



River in the canyon

The sky was gray today and also from smoke from Idaho and Montana wildfires. We plan to return on another day when the colors of the rocks will be more outstanding.










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