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Bosque del Apache a second visit.

Posted by on March 10, 2015



One of these days I am going to get to this location in the late fall or winter to see the thousands of migratory birds descend on theis area. It seems we are always in the West at that time.  Nevertheless, I love this spot.  The drive through the refuge reminds me of when is was a kid and spent my summers in the Sierra mountains in California.  My grandparents would take me almost every day either morning or at dusk in the car to go out and look for wildlife.  Around each bend in the road I would anxiously keep my eyes on alert for anything that might cross the dirt road or be moving in the bushes.  This is how it is on the “Bosque”.  You drive the loop road over and over and you could see any number of mammals, birds, rodents, you name it. It’s all about timing.   I really can’t get enough of it.  I guess I should get a job here and spend several months!

I took hundreds of pictures this time and it’s very hard to pick which ones to post.  They aren’t the best of shots as the lighting and the wildlife didn’t seem to cooperate but it was fun.




Collared Peccary





collared peccary












Hawk in tree


Morpf Snow Goose

Morpf Snow Goose




Drake Mallard

Drake Mallard


does on the bosque

Does on the Bosque




Cooper's Hawk

Cooper’s Hawk












Wilson's Snipe

Wilson’s Snipe



The Bosque is located about 5 miles south of San Antonio, NM on State highway 1.  San Antonio is very small.. a gas station, three restaurants and a blinking stop light.. I’m sure there was a post office somewhere but I didn’t see it.  This place is home to the Best Green Chili Cheeseburgers on the planet, also pinto beans and green chili. The beans and the green chili are harvested locally.  check out The Owl Restaurant and Cafe (formally owned by Conrad Hilton in the 1940’s) or The Buckhorn Tavern (famous for winning the throwdown with Bobby Flay).  We have patronized both establishments and they are both number one in my opinion.


The Owl Cafe

The Owl Bar and Cafe


Twenty Miles south of San Antonio on State Highway 1 is the location of an interesting museum on the history of the El Camino Real.  If you are traveling north on Interstate 25 you will see the very tall monument just East of the Interstate. The Exit to reach the museum is 115.


El Camino Real Monument

El Camino Real Monument


The museum is located 6 miles east of the interstate. Although it may seem very remote and out of the way, this museum is worth a look. Admission is only $5.00.


This is a two story building and quite a unique design.

Entrance to Museum

Entrance to Museum



After 4 days in this area we are now heading up toward Farmington, NM


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