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Congress, Arizona

Posted by on February 12, 2015

We have arrived at the SKP park in Congress, Arizona for a few days.   It’s just a spot for us to hook up while we enjoyed the Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg.  Today 12 of us went of a Jeep ride to observe the rare Crested or also called “cristate” Saguaro. They are very rare and so beautiful to look at.  It’s unusual to find so many in one area.  Last year Ron and Elena and Mark and I set out to find these beauties and did visit at least 4 or 5 of them.  This year Mark and I spent a morning and early afternoon scouting out as many as we could find.  Today we led 10 other Boomers on a Jeep ride and hike to these specimens.  It was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed seeing these rare beauties. I think they were all surprised how amazing these specimens could be. The hike and the jeep ride and the group made it a GOLD Star Day.


Crester saguaro colored-2


The Jeeps rule!

The Jeeps rule this trail !



Two beauties here… Jan and this magnificent Crested Saguaro…




This one is exquisite.

This one is exquisite.


Patsi poses with the Elephant saguaro

Patsi poses with the Elephant saguaro


Boomers out among the saguaros

Boomers out among the saguaros



Boomers visit the saguaro cactus

The Group


The girls crawl up the mountain..

The girls had a long crawl up the mountain..



Ed, our fellow RV’er, who is a geologist,  gives us a lesson about the land, the rocks and what lies below.


Ed Biller






A Desert Dweller named Luke… He’s lived out here among the saguaros for 8 years.

He gave us some of his time and poetic thoughts. I asked to photograph him and he reluctantly said yes.  A gentle soul who enjoys “nice folks”





After our 4 hours trekking around the saguaros, Mark and I introduced the group to NICHOLS WEST, an amazing Chef owned restaurant in Congress, AZ.  I have mentioned this place in earlier blogs and the food and service is still 5 Stars in my book.   Try it out if you are in the neighborhood.  The menu is different and creative.  Breakfast here is a FEAST!! and the food is so beautifully presented.

Click to enlarge:



This was the end to a wonderful outing.  Tomorrow we hit the art show and of course LUNCH!

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