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Prescott, Arizona

Posted by on February 7, 2015

We are leaving Quartsite area today after almost 3 weeks of Boomerville activities in the desert. We went directly to La Paz RV Park of Mile Marker 99 to do wash, clean the rigs and take long showers for a few days.  Boondocking has both advantages and disadvantages for us.  We don’t have Solar panels so that means running the generator in the AM and PM, and it seems we still have a lot to learn about conserving the water in our fresh water tanks. We can last about 11 days and then we have to find fresh water and a dump for our holding tanks.   However, the solitude and freedom of parking in natural surrounding is so much better than a structured park.  Chuck and Jan, our RV friends, have combined their experience of Boondocking over the years and the right equipment to allow them a great deal of freedom where they park.


So off to Prescott, AZ for a few days to explore its beauty, galleries and fine dining, full hookups and Long showers!    Here we go up the long pull out of Congress, AZ on highway 89.



Highway 89 to Prescott

Heading to Prescott via Highway 89

The windows of our rig were dusty from camping in the desert so these pictures are not real clear but you can see this is quite a mountain to climb. It heads straight up from Congress, AZ.

RV friends on highway 89

RV friends Duane and Betty followed Bill and Gisela up Highway 89


We are staying at the Elks Lodge 330 in Prescott Valley. Full hookups and has a great view.


The View from the Elks Lodge

The View from the Elks Lodge




Our first day was a walk around the historic downtown for shopping and Lunch on Whiskey Row.


On the Courthouse Square

On the Courthouse Square



Lunch at the Bistro

Lunch at the Bistro















Willow Lake

Willow Lake

Willow Lake 2 color-2

The Dells at Willow Lake

The Dells at Willow Lake


This is a must see area of Prescott Valley. We hiked this rugged area yesterday and found it to be strenuous in places but rewards of beautiful views of the landscape and Willow Lake were spectacular.  We hiked just over 6 miles on the various loop trails around the lake. This area is called “The Dells”. It’s an area of massive granite boulders.  Much of the trail is completely over the rocks, you may not touch dirt for of over a mile.  The trail is cleverly marked with white dots on the boulders to keep you from getting lost.


The reflections on this upper trail are breath-taking. I wish my camera could record it as I saw it.

More ups and downs along the granite rocks.





This is not my photograph but I wanted to share it with you. This is such a beautiful place.

This is not my photograph but I wanted to share it with you. This is such a beautiful place. I missed the lighting when we were there. I may have to go back.


Where's Waldo?  ..I mean Mark.

Where’s Waldo? ..I mean Mark.

Here’s Mark ahead of me on the granite rock trail. I thought I would get a nice photo of him but those camo shorts and sweatshirt nearly made him invisible.   Does this man own any other clothes?


Later in the morning we met up with our RV buddies to take the hike around the south trail of Willow Lake.  Duane was sweet and offered to carry my 40 pound camera bag. My shoulders were toast after the first 4 miles of rough rock trails.



Duane and Bill capturing the beauty of Willow Lake



Willow Lake
Boomers on the Willow Lake Trail


Judie, Mark, Betty, Gisela, Bill and Duane      ~Duane's photo

Judie, Mark, Betty, Gisela, Bill and Duane ~Duane’s photo


Tomorrow off to JEROME, Arizona





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