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Posted by on March 16, 2013

Indian Pass, try to find it on the Florida map… It is just a tiny spot on the Gulf about 20 miles up the highway from Apalachicola. It’s near to Cape San Blas.  We might not have stopped here had we not heard from another RVer when we were in Georgia that he was heading here for 3 months.  He mentioned, Fishing, Miles of Beach, Seafood and not a lot of people..  All those things got our attention.  So we made a reservation for a week.  The name of the RV park is INDIAN PASS CAMPGROUND, address is 2817 Indian Pass Road but listed as Port St. Joe as the city. Phone for reservations is 850-227-7203.   One thing I might mention, is that if you leave a message it’s not likely you will get a return call.  Keep trying until you get Kellie on the phone.  This is a “Laid Back Operation” at this RV park.  At first glance, you might want to turn around and head back to Apalachicola.  It’s very tricky not only getting into the sites with a 38ft rig but just getting into the park itself was interesting… Mark had to carefully guide me up the road to space Number 9 and we took a bit to get parked and leveled. I don’t think this is a park for 40 footers!  We think Number 9 might just be the best site in the park because it was right on the ledge above the beach. We found out later that the reason it was so close to the edge was  that the hurricane had taken out the two RV spots a little further out! YIKES!   Then I was worried about the whole space falling onto the beach, but it didn’t and we went on to have a great time in this area. 🙂

Indian Pass

You have your own private trail to the beach from here.


Indian pass RV site #9

The View from RV site #9


If you are driving from Apalachicola toward St. Joe, and want some Great Fresh Oysters or Steamed Shrimp that is Excellent.    Stop at the INDIAN PASS RAW BAR on highway 98. It is just at the turn off to Indian Pass. It’s also known as the Trading Post.  This is an Ultra casual joint. Food is excellent, Beer is cold and you just pour your own out of a tapper on the wall in the dining room.  Seat yourself, family style. Don’t be a hurry to get service, it’s worth the wait.

The Raw Bar

The Indian Pass Raw Bar


View from our RV window during sunset

View from our RV window during sunset











St Vincent island is just across the water from Indian Pass RV park.  Be sure to take the tour to the island that is given about once every 2 weeks by the park service. You pay the Ferry driver $10.00 each but the wagon tour is free. It lasts about 4.5 hours and they take you all over this island. Quite a bit of wildlife and if you are lucky you might see the rare SAMBAR DEER.

They can be as much as 1200 lbs and be as tall as 40 – 60 inches tall at the SHOULDER!






I would not recommend the advertised visit to the island that does not includethe Park Service Tour. Don’t go to the island and rent a bicycle and tour on your own!  This is not the way to see this island in my opinion. the roads are dirt, rough and wet in places. Beside you can’t see about the foliage in many parts of the island.  the interesting part is too far to walk or ride a bike. Take a look at the bulletin board by the boat ramp and there should be a schedule of tour dates posted with a phone number to reserve a spot. We were lucky to hit is just right and there were two seats available. Take Insect repellant, a Lunch and a cushion to sit on.  The wagon has hard benches. This can be a rough ride in places. If you know in advance you are coming here, contact person is Landy Luther 850-22-6735.  He is a volunteer who conducts the wagon tours. St. Vincent Island Friends Website
will give you more information.

The Park Boat ramp at St. Vincent Island.

The Park Boat ramp at St. Vincent Island.

St Vincent Island house





















This is the wagon you ride in.

This is the wagon you ride in.






















RV park view from the island.

RV park view from the island. Our RV far left.








 Side trips to Mexico Beach, Cape San Blas, St. Joseph Peninsula comments will be added soon.

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