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Washington DC

Posted by on December 10, 2012

Recently I had the opportunity to take a Trip to Washington DC with my Dad.  He’s a WWll Veteran of the US Air Force. Our main focus of this trip was to attend the Memorial of one of his Lifetime friends who was also in the Air Force and highly decorated. While it was a deeply sad occasion this was the most awesome send off for an American hero. He served this country well and had a very full life.

Arlington National Cemetery




Memorial Service at Arlington




The Procession






We reserved a driver for one night to take us on a 3 hour tour of monuments and places of interest.  It was amazing. To see the monuments lit up at night is very moving and emotional.  It was well worth a private driver for this. These guys know their way around town and also know how to get close up to places you might never get to during the busy time in the day.  The National Christmas Tree and the White House tree were all lit up as well as all the streets around Washington.




Korean War Memorial


THE KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL is Especially emotional at night. This was an overcast evening slightly drizzling, so the sky was illuminated by the lights and the drizzle created a real life look of this memorial. I could not stop looking at these figures which seemed to come to life in this lighting.


US Capital Building at night

A Very Rainy Night in DC

Jefferson Memorial


Jack at WWII Memorial

Jack at the WWll Memorial


Me and Dad at the WWll Memorial December 7th

Me and Dad at the WWll Memorial December 7th

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