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About Us

What will our backyard look like tomorrow?


We are Mark & Judi and we sold the house seven years ago and hit the road to see America the Beautiful. We like to follow the “green dot” scenic roads, and the Byways most of the time in search of National and State Parks, National Wildlife Refuges and those “Unadvertised Specials” (places the locals tell us about)

Generally we don’t have much of an itinerary other than what state we are headed to. Plans seem to evolve as we go. This was supposed to be a one year long experience but we are already into year four.  We’ll likely continue this way of life until we are tired of being mobile and want a permanent home or due to health reasons cannot continue moving from state to state. Which ever comes first.  

We joined the Escapees RV Club 8 years ago and find their mail service to be among the best for those of us on the road.  We travel with a dog, a Wheaten Terrier, who has known nothing else but living on the road and having a new backyard whenever the jacks go down.


We are Cagefree, free to roam…for now







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